Hotel with Porsche rental


Treat yourself to a unique ride in a Porsche Boxster 718 convertible during your stay at the Lobinger hotel. Rent our Porsche Cabrio Boxster 718 with 300HP (efficiency class D)!  You can use this extraordinary car when there is a special occasion such as a wedding or birthday or simply if you would like to become the king on the streets. Most certainly this will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We also offer special routes for your sporty joyride.

Porsche holiday or weekend in the hotel with sports car rental

And the best thing about it is that you set the price for renting your Porsche yourself! There are no deposits or basic fees. The billing for a trip is not based on the time, but only on the kilometers driven (plus fuel costs). After your exit, you return the sports car with a full tank. The only requirement for the Porsche rental is the completion of the 24th year of life.

0-25 km € 1,89 per kilometer
25-50 km € 1,79 per kilometer
50-100 km € 1,69 per kilometer
More than 100 km € 1,59 per kilometer

Are you interested? Please contact us here or ask our receptionists.