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UNESCO Vogelherdhöhle - Welcome to the Stoneage and its caves

Our Hotel in short distance to the caves of the ice age

The oldest art findings of mankind have been found in six caves closeby and have become world famous thanks to the title as UNESCO World Heritage.

More than worth a visit! The sites are unique and authentic. According to known archaeologists they are expected to be more than 70.000 years of age and hold important artifacts, such as jewelry, toys and religious items and artistic objects to give prove to their legacy and our region as cultural centre of the ice age.

Discover yourself what life back then looked like, when you tour our county with its caves... Hiking or biking? Take advantage of our various offers and packaged deals, we combine your tour with a perfect stay. Find out more...

Discover UNESCO World Heritage Sites from cave to cave
Discover UNESCO World Heritage Sites from cave to cave
Hiking tour on the Swabian Alb through the world cultural heritage sites
Hiking tour on the Swabian Alb through the world cultural heritage sites

The Vogelherd Cave

The Cave "Vogelherdhöhle" is probably the most significant find spot of stoneage culture and grants a detailled view into human history. This exact place was where archaeologists found items of everyday life and works of art that are proven to be at least 40.000 years old. Tools and weapons made of stone are not only what made this spot important to scientists worlwide. It was a finding of eleven figurines, carved from mamoth tooth that showed the importance of the Vogelherd Archaeopark. Two of the original figurines are still on exhibition in the caves.

Guided tours and museums let you dive into a world long gone... Every Sunday and on holidays the themepark opens its doors to groups and solo explorers. Many stoneage activities, such as weaponry manufacturing, traditional fire starting or spear throwing are been shown and make the Vogelherd caves a perfect location for the whole family.

The Hohlenstein Cave

In the Hohlenstein cave, combining two minor caves (the Höhlenstein-Stadel and the Bärenhöhle), aside the remains of the extinct cavebear a sculpture made from ivory (in detail it is mamoth tooth) was found, showing a man with head and limbs of a lion. The figurine dates back over 40.000 years and thereby is one of mankinds oldest prove of artistic culture. Next to the piece a thigh bone of a neanderthalian was found, making this finding even more special because members of this species is unusual to be found in southern germany. The archaelogical exavations are being exhibitioned in the Museum of Ulm. Because the original find spot is only to be reached via foot or bike, it is ideal for a hiking trip or a tour with your bike... Do you know about our packages including free bicycle hire? Check out our Deals!

The Caves - Overview Map

Discover UNESCO World Heritage sites with the whole family
Discover UNESCO World Heritage sites with the whole family

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Ganz in der Nähe unseres Hotels befinden sich die bekannten Lonetalhöhlen. Diese gehören zum UNESCO-Weltkulturerbe! Einzigartige Hinterlassenschaften von Eiszeit-Menschen können hier entdeckt werden. Bei unserem Angebot verbringen Sie eine Nacht bei uns im Weissen Ross in Langenau, um am nächsten Tag frisch gestärkt nach dem Frühstück aufzubrechen, die Höhlen zu entdecken und abends in unserem zweiten Haus in Giengen wieder mit einem leckeren Abendessen in Empfang genommen zu werden. Natürlich bekommen Sie ein Proviantpaket mit auf den Weg. In Giengen gehören dann auch eine Übernachtung und das Frühstück am nächsten Tag zum Angebot.


2 x Übernachtung im Doppelzimmer inkl. reichhaltigem Frühstücksbuffet
1 x Proviantpaket
1 x Wanderung zu Fuß oder mit dem eigenen Rad ausgehend vom Lobinger Hotel Weisses Ross (Starthotel) in Langenau über das Lonetal und Eselsburger Tal zum Lobinger Parkhotel (Zielhotel) in Giengen
1 x  Abendessen in unserem Restaurant, inkl. Gepäckservice zwischen den Hotels


€ 180,00 Preis pro Person im Doppelzimmer